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The Future of Teaching & Learning for Your Organisation

Nucleus Learning is the most user-friendly system for managing, creating & delivering learning – providing your people with everything that they need to grow.

Access Nucleus Learning on any device of your choosing.
Create new learning content in minutes with the world's easiest authoring tool.
Training Management & Administration
Training Management & Administration
Learning Management System (LMS)
Learning Management System (LMS)
Content Authoring
Content Authoring

3 Market-Leading Software Products in 1 Platform

Nucleus Learning is the only software platform to deliver all of the three key areas of functionality needed to effectively teach and learn remotely.

  • Training Management & Administration
  • Learning Management (LMS)
  • Content Authoring

Training Management & Administration

Our sophisticated matrix hierarchy gives Nucleus Learning the most advanced training management functionality in the world.

Drill down by individual users, locations, departments and roles and see training data at the most granular level. Our flexible reporting suite gives power users instant insight through beautiful, exportable graphics.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Create individual learning events or enrol entire populations of people in just a few clicks.

Choose between eLearning or classroom events, or combine the two for a flexible, blended learning approach. Auto-marking of assessments, branded certificate generation and renewal timelines and reminders are all included as standard.

Content Authoring

Say goodbye to old-fashioned SCORM courses or third-party authoring tools, and say hello to Coursebuilder Pro.

With Coursebuilder Pro you can create beautifully interactive, fully-responsive eLearning and blended learning courses in minutes, straight in your browser. You don't need to download any additional software or have a design degree to get started. Just log in and start building like a pro.

Key Features

Sophisticated Tracking

Track engagement, test scores and set deadlines for completion. Set automatic communications for encouragement, deadline reminders and congratulatory messages.

Coursebuilder Pro

Create beautifully interactive and mobile-optimised learning content in minutes, with the easiest content authoring tool on the planet.

Personalised Learning & Management Profiles

A complex matrix hierarchy ensures that learners, educators and managers alike all see the data and analytics that's relevant to them, in real-time.

Uncompromised Learning Experiences

The most user-friendly and enjoyable learning experience of any LMS.

Training Providers

Run Your Entire Training Business From One Platform & Teach Anyone, Anywhere.

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming admin tasks and instead concentrate on delivering your expert knowledge to more and more customers & students. Nucleus Learning is the easiest system for managing, creating and delivering learning to anyone, anywhere.


Corporate Customers

Business intelligence at your fingertips and an unparalleled ability to unlock a proactive learning culture for your people.

  • Upload, view and export certificates and reports.
  • Track learning universally and automatically notify staff and management when qualifications need renewing.
  • Create bespoke, mobile-optimised lessons & courses in minutes.
  • Accessible from any device. Any time. Anywhere
  • Automated configuration removes the need for hefty implementation fees.
  • Invite external training providers to use free accounts when teaching your staff.